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The programme is provisional and details may change.

Monday 4 September

10:00: coffee/tea/welcome

10:30: Composers and performers
Philip Thomas (University of Huddersfield) and Emily Payne (University of Leeds): Getting Exercised: Ensemble Relations in Christian Wolff’s Exercises
Steve Potter (Guildhall School of Music and Drama): “Temporary Hegemonic Zones”: Conducting and Conduction in Experimental Music
Rachael Lansang (Rutgers University): Improvising Democracy: The Problem of Authorship in Jean-Baptiste Barrière’s Sensation/Eternity

12:30: buffet lunch

13:30: Performers and audiences
David Blake (SUNY-Potsdam, NY): “Everybody Makes Up Folksongs”: Pete Seeger’s 1950s College Concerts and the Democratic Potential of Folk Music
Alessandro Bratus (Università di Pavia): “As the Band Hit Full Throttle”: Live Event, Mediatization and Community in Popular Music Genres
Jutta Toelle (Max-Planck-Institut, Frankfurt): “It’s So Egalitarian”: Participatory Projects in the Contemporary Music Scene

15:30: coffee/tea

16:00: Digital music democracies
Christopher Haworth (University of Birmingham): Digital Utopianism in Early Network Music: The Rise and Fall of The Res Rocket Surfer Band
Giovanni Mori (University of Florence): Democracy as Musical Practice: The Live Coding Community’s Case

17:30: Keynote 1
Georgina Born (University of Oxford): Imagining New Musical Democracies – For Audiencing, Aesthetic Judgement and Curation

18:30: conference dinner

20:30: Aperghis démocrate: world premiere screening of a short film about Georges Aperghis by Esteban Buch and Momoko Seto

Tuesday 5 September

09:00: Composers on democracy
Violeta Giunta (EHESS-CRAL, Paris): Defining Audible Democracy: New Music in Post-Dictatorship Argentina
Ryan Weber (Misericordia University, Dallas): Dismantling Borders, Assembling Hierarchies: Percy Grainger and the Idea of Democracy
Sander van Maas (University of Amsterdam): The Lure of Bureaucracy: On the Musical Politics of Konrad Boehmer

11:00: coffee/tea

11:30: Keynote 2
Tina K. Ramnarine (Royal Holloway, London): “Unsocial Sociability”: Orchestras and Democratic Politics in Finland post-1917

12:30: buffet lunch

13:30: The ‘folk’
Olivier Malay (University of Louvain, Belgium) and Stephane Aubinet (University of Oslo): Democracy and Ecological Transition in Belgian Folk Bals
Jacques Caplat (EHESS-CAMS, Paris): Between Democratic Practice and Professional Virtuosity: Diatonic Accordion in Brittany

14:50: coffee/tea

15:20: Improvising democracy
Ben Spatz with Nazlıhan Eda Erçin and Agnieszka Mendel (University of Huddersfield): Democratizing Songwork: Collaboration and Polarization in the Embodied Research Lab
Pietro Cavallotti (Universität der Künste, Berlin): “From Which Finger of Stockhausen Are You Hanging?” The Debates about Free Improvisation at the Darmstadt International Summer Course, 1969–1972

16:40: Concluding discussion

17:00: close

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